Data Sources and Usage Disclaimer

While we strive to provide quality information regarding Massachusetts's properties, we are often subject to deficiencies and errors in other publicly available data sources.

As such, is a resource to begin your research into a property. As specified in our Terms of Service, the information presented here is for illustrative purposes and is not to be used as a legal definition of the property.

Property Location and Assessment Data

Property locations and other cadastral (i.e. boundary information, metes-and-bounds) data is sourced from the aggregated parcel information available through MassGIS. Additional information is sourced from individual cities or towns.

Flood Data

The flood data information is sourced from FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layer. The data from the NFHL is presented here for illustrative purposes only and is not a legal representation of flood vulnerability or insurance rate change.

Broadband Information

The information regarding broadband internet service providers is sourced from the National Broadband Map. It is not a guarantee that the broadband service will be available at the property.


Information related to other utility providers has been sourced from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the US Department of Homeland Security, and other government data providers.

This disclaimer was last revised on 2022-07-15.