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Property Details

22 BOAT LANE is classified as a Single Family Residential (Rn).

The primary structure on this property was built in 1965. There are 2058ft2 of built area within this property. There is 2058ft2 of residential/living space within this property. This property is listed as having 8 rooms.

22 BOAT LANE is valued at 364400. The land is valued at 108600 and the structures are valued at 255800.

This property is in Zone SR. Confirm with local Zoning Board authorities to ensure there are no overlays or other easements on this property.

The most recent deed for 22 BOAT LANE is recorded at the local registrar in Book LC16, Page 307. 22 BOAT LANE was last sold on 1996-10-03 for 0.

Assessment data from fiscal year 2022.

Flood Data

According to the FEMA National Flood Hazard Layer, this property does not appear to be in a flood zone. It may also be in an area not yet reviewed. Nonetheless, confirm this information prior to taking any action.

To view the flood hazards around this property, create a FEMA "Firmette" Map of the area around 22 BOAT LANE.

Broadband Internet Providers

ProviderTypeBandwidth (mbps)
Viasat IncSatellite 35  3
VSAT Systems, LLC.Satellite 2  1
HughesNetSatellite 25  3
GCI Communication Corp.Satellite 0  0
T-MobileFixed Wireless 25  3
Charter Communications IncCable 940  35

Broadband service provider data from December 2020.

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